Integrated Guidelines for Prevention, Testing, Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Liberia. Second Edition, December 2007
(2007; 253 pages)


The First Edition “National Protocol for HIV/AIDS ARV Care in Liberia” for the safe and effective use of ARV drugs was issued in 2005. It has played an important role in setting a national standard and guiding HIV care services, and serving as a tool for training, quantifying and forecasting ARV drugs procurement needs and costs. The decision to update the National Protocol was made to update the ART guidelines stems from local experiences and needs, together with the current level of knowledge and experience in using ARV drugs in resource-limited settings. The Second Edition aims to integrate the national protocols for adults, adolescents, children, infants, and pregnant women into one comprehensive document. In addition, the 2nd edition focuses on providing HIV care and treatment services in a family centered approach to care. The most relevant issues for making ART widely available in Liberia, such as expansion of services to rural areas and expansion of the roles of nurses and physician assistants in ART initiation and management, have been considered in preparing the 2nd edition.

Finally, in the 2nd edition the first and second line drug regimens have been updated taking into account current level of scientific knowledge, best practices, and local experiences. Selected sections of the 2nd edition will also be available in different formats, such as condensed pocket-size manuals, posters and flow charts...

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