Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Drugs List for South Africa, Hospital Level, Adults. Second Edition, 2006
(2006; 367 pages)


It is the vision of the National Department of Health to ensure that every citizen has access to good quality and affordable health care, including the access to medicines. The goal of the National Drug Policy is to ensure an adequate and reliable supply of safe and efficacious medicines of acceptable quality in the most cost-effective manner to all citizens of South Africa. Resources are not unlimited and the appropriate management and use of drugs has often been underestimated and is increasingly being identified as a critical component of an efficient health care system. Thus affordability is a key element in ensuring access. The National Department of Health through the Cluster: Pharmaceutical Policy and Planning has reviewed the Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Drugs List at hospital level for adults and paediatrics. These provide a vital tool to guide prescribers, particularly doctors working in district and regional hospitals.

More attention has been given to address healthy lifestyles, mental health conditions, neonatal conditions, palliative care and to strengthen the implementation of the Department’s Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Prevention, Care, Management and Treatment Plan. More in depth emphasis has been placed on the review of the endocrine, hypertension, infections and tuberculosis chapters. Evidence-based decisionmaking has been strengthened in the selection of drug entities.

The National EDL Committee has endeavoured to consult widely with colleagues within the Department, Provincial Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committees, universities, experts in different specialities, relevant societies and stakeholders...

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