Guidelines for Advertisements and Promotion of Medicines and Medical Devices in Kenya. First Edition, April 2012
(2012; 22 pages)

The guideline is aimed at ensuring that all information communicated to health care practitioner and the general public is accurate, current, factual and not misleading in anyway. This guideline applies to all manufacturers, wholesale dealers and all wishing to advertise or promote medicines or medical devices in Kenya. The criteria are applicable to both prescription and non-prescription medicinal drugs, both for human and veterinary use. It also applies to traditional, herbal and other alternative schools of medicines and any other product promoted as a medicine. This guideline apply to all advertising and promotion material for medicines in Kenya, and to information made available to the general public or any other interested person about medicines so advertised or promoted. The objective of this guide is to regularize all advertisements, promotional material and information on medicines available in Kenya and articulate ethical criteria for medicinal drug promotion in order to support and encourage the improvement of pharmaceutical care and promote rational use of medicines. The information thus provided should enable the health care professional and the patient in making rational decisions in the use of medicines. This guideline will be used in conjunction with The Pharmacy and Poisons Act, Chapter 244, Laws of Kenya in all aspects. This guideline reflects the Pharmacy and Poisons Board’s current thinking on the legal and ethical promotion of medicines.
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