The Gambia National Drug Policy, 1994
(1994; 22 pages)


The overall goal of the National Drug Policy (NDP) is: To maximise within the available resources, the full potential that drugs have to control common diseases, alleviate suffering and promote health. The objectives of the National Drug Policy are to:

  1. Ensure that essential, efficacious, safe, good quality and cost-effective drugs are made available and accessible to the population at a price the individual and the community can afford;
  2. Promote the rational use of drugs both in the public and private sector, and to provide systematic public information, professional training and re-training of health workers;
  3. Ensure adequate regulatory mechanisms leading to effective regulations on manucture, production, importation, exportation, marketing and use of essential drugs, and the strengthening of the system of drug registration and licensing of pharmaceutical premises;
  4. Increase knowledge on drugs through promotion of research in all drugs related activities including traditional medicines;
  5. Comply with the international regulations in drugs including the conventions on narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances under international control.
  6. Fight against drug and substance abuse.
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