Guideline for the Rational Use of Controlled Drugs, April 2000 - Republic of Maldives
(2000; 13 pages)


In the Republic of Maldives, controlled drugs are imported and distributed by the State Trading Organization to grade one pharmacies with prior authorization from the Ministry of Health. These drugs are dispensed to patients with a medical prescription.

Despite all the collaborative efforts made by the government and nongovernment organizations, available statistics indicate that drug abuse is becoming a growing problem in the Maldives and needs to be addressed urgently. With reference to the Health Master Plan (1996-2005), the issue of substance abuse will be dealt with through and prolonged approach, demand reduction through public awareness campaigns, establishment of a drug rehabilitation center and supply reduction through strict enforcement of law. It is believed that introduction of a practical guideline, a standard prescription format as well as providing training for physicians, pharmacists and health workers in general is essential to promote the rational use of controlled drugs all over the country.

The main objective of introducing this guideline is to advocate for the rational use of drugs with high misuse and abuse potential and thereby facilitate good prescribing and dispensing practice, better handling and management of controlled drugs in health institutes and pharmacies in public and private sectors. Strategies have been recommended in order to accomplish this task and meet the ultimate goal, improvement of quality of health care through effective and safe use of pharmaceuticals, in this case, controlled drugs. Psychotropic and narcotic drugs, here in after called controlled drugs currently included in the list of drugs approved for the Republic of Maldives will be dealt in this guideline.

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