Guidelines for HIV Care and Treatment in Infants and Children, November 2006 - India
(2006; 136 pages)


These guidelines are intended to guide pediatricians prescribing ART as well as the team in the ART centers, on the practical issues regarding care and treatment of HIV in infants and children. The guidelines describe recommendations for practice in the national programme as well as guidance in dealing with special cases, in view of the role of the private sector in provision of ART. This guideline is part of a series of NACO guidelines:

  • National ART Guidelines including post-expsoure prophylaxis (PEP)
  • National Guidelines for prevention of parent-to-child transmission
  • National Guidelines for management of Opportunistic infections
  • National Guidelines for HIV care and treatment in children
  • National Guidelines for Laboratory Diagnosis of OIs.

The guidelines are based on the WHO 2006 guidelines on ART in infants and children in resource limited setting: towards universal access, recommendations for a public health approach as well as a review of current literature on HIV and children.

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