Supply and Demand Survey on Pharmaceuticals and Natural Products - Indonesia
(2005; 167 pages)


This report was prepared based on the terms of reference prepared by the International Trade Centre (ITC) initially in 2004 and subsequently updated to the current year 2005. The objectives of this survey are as follows: To outline the current market size and be able to project the future potential; To understand the complexities of the market structure and its characteristics viz. the distribution channels employed and their relative importance, layers of middlemen, etc.; To highlight the Import Policy and procedures, i.e. rules and regulations, duties, customs valuation, and practices, etc.; To identify the major impediments affecting imports, and suggest remedial action; To identify the major impediments affecting exports, and suggest remedial action; Indicating possibilities for augmenting supplies and new investment opportunities; Determining technical assistance requirements in the areas of product development, packaging, market promotion, joint export marketing, export financing, costing and pricing, training in export marketing, etc.

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