Eritrean National List of Medicines. ENLM 5th edition, June 2010
(2010; 83 pages)


The Eritrean National List of Medicines, which is a major component of the Eritrean National Medicine Policy, has been an indispensable instrument for promoting the rational use and cost effective procurement of medicines. It has been a tool for proper control of supply resulting in a fairly equitable distribution and availability of essential medicines throughout the country. This exemplary success is the result of an extreme sense of commitment by most prescribers and dispensers through strict adherence to the list throughout their practices. Higher adherence is further the outcome of the active participation of professionals both in the public and private sectors during the review and updating process. The Ministry of Health was able to consistently regulate the adherence to the list of procured medicines, including medicines procured by purchase or by donation during peace as well as crisis.

Since the Revised Eritrean National List of Medicines (ENLM 5th edition) is a comprehensive list of medicines that are believed to effectively treat the main health problems occurring in our country, strict adherence to the list during prescribing, dispensing, procurement and production of medicines remains a mandatory requirement. Moreover, it is the standing policy of the Ministry of Health that generic name is used in all medicine prescribing, ordering, labeling and dispensing.

Taking into account the changing therapeutic requirements nationally and internationally, ENLM will be revised periodically and a continuous feedback through suggestions and comments from all concerned is essential.

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