Guideline on Medication Error Reporting, First Edition, July 2009 - Malaysia
(2009; 30 pages)


The Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia had introduced the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Program since the 1980’s. Data collected related to medication safety includes prescriptions intervened, wrongly dispensed medications and wrongly filled medications (but detected before dispensing) at hospitals and clinics. However, the information obtained was only limited to prescribing and dispensing practices. There were no data available on other processes in the medicines management cycle such as preparation and administration of medications. Hence, there is a need for a reporting system that incorporates all processes involved in the management of medicines to collect and collate relevant information for necessary remedial actions.

With guidance and cooperation of the Medication Safety Technical Advisory Committee, the Pharmaceutical Services Division has embarked on a reporting system called the Medication Error Reporting System (MERS). The aim of this system is to establish a database on medication errors which includes all error reports related to medication use in the prescribing, administration, dispensing and preparation...

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