Framework for Good Governance in the Public Pharmaceutical Sector. Malaysia, November 2009, First Edition
(2009; 54 pages)


Malaysia was one of the first four countries to participate in the project organised by the World Health Organization on good governance for medicine. The first phase of the project is the assessment of the ethical practices in medicine registration, selection and procurement was done in December 2004. It was to determine the degree of vulnerability to corruption in the registration, selection and procurement processes of pharmaceuticals and to highlight areas where the current system is most prone or vulnerable to corruption.

The second phase of the program is the development of Good Governance for Medicine (GGM) framework , the basic components needed in the GGM programme to address and prevent corruption in the pharmaceutical sector. The framework proposed here integrates two basic strategies necessary to promote good governance and to reduce corrupt practices.

In September 2006, a Good Governance for Medicine steering committee was formed at the Pharmaceutical Services Division which was headed by the Senior Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Division. A working group/ task force was formed in January 2007 to look into the development of a framework for good governance for medicine; the basic components needed in GGM programme to address and prevent corruption in the pharmaceutical sector.

Finally a workshop was held to develop the framework in April 2007. This framework went through several series of updating before it was finally accepted. The next phase will be the implementation of the GGM programme.

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