Manual for Treatment of Malaria and Its Complications. Sultanate of Oman, Revised Edition, 1996
(1996; 80 pages)


In Oman, we started the Malaria Eradication Programme in August 1991 by a pilot project in Sharqiya Region which was extended later on to Batinah and Muscat Regions and we managed to drop the malaria incidence by more than 90% from 1990 till January 1996 although the eradication strategy has not yet covered all he regions in Oman.

Having succeeded in reducing the malaria incidence by interrupting the transmission, we must not forget one of the top priorities which is: "to manage uncomplicated, severe and complicated malaria cases?"

Hence the importance of this manual emerged and I am sure that all those who contributed to issue the first and second editions of this manual did their best to make it informative and comprehensive in order to be a practical and easy guide to our National Anti-malarial Drug Policy which all the medical staff in our health institutions should adhere very strictly.

Even if we managed to interrupt the malaria transmission in our country, we are still part of this small world and we shall still be importing malaria cases from abroad and we have a commitment and responsibility to receive these cases and ensure their radical cure in any of our health institutions.

This manual is the official Ministry of Health Anti-malarial Drug Policy...

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