Oman National Drug Policy, 4 July 2000. Aims, Present Situation and Future Policy Recommendations
(2000; 28 pages)


The goal of a national drug policy is to develop, within the resources of a country, the potential that drugs have to control common diseases and alleviate suffering. This goal can only be achieved if there is an adequate and reliable supply of safe and cost effective drugs of acceptable quality, which are rationally used by prescribers, dispensers and consumers in both the government and private sectors.

A number of key components of a national drug policy are already in place within the Sultanate of Oman as a result of the actions of the Ministry of Health. These actions have concentrated on developing and implementing relevant legislation, on stabilising regulatory procedures for drugs, on selecting a list of drugs for use in government institutions, on following effective procurement practices, controlling the quality of imported products and on distributing supplies to Ministry of Health institutions.

This National Drug Policy document seeks, within the context of the National Health Policy, to unite those existing components with some additional components, to produce a comprehensive policy document with recommendations, which will enhance the achievements already, made in the pharmaceuticals area.

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