SCMS Supply Lines - March 2008 (Supply Chain Management System's HIV/AIDS e-Newsletter)
(2008; 7 pages)


In late January, SCMS helped facilitate a meeting in Maputo, Mozambique of 130 experts and policy makers from Cambodia, Haiti, Vietnam and 28 Sub-Saharan African countries. The meeting, sponsored by WHO Afro and PEPFAR, was designed to build consensus on clinical laboratory testing harmonization and standardization. At the end of this historic meeting, participants agreed to develop national strategic laboratory plans and policies.

Looking forward, we anticipate that our procurement and technical assistance efforts will spread into new areas, including blood safety products, prevention of mother-to-child transmission commodities, and perhaps nutrition.

Because of the high profile of laboratory procurement and logistics, both globally and in-country, we are dedicating much of this issue of Supply Lines to the subject. Articles below cover the issues from many angles...

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