SCMS Supply Lines - June 2008 (Supply Chain Management System's HIV/AIDS e-Newsletter)
(2008; 8 pages)


In the last edition of Supply Lines, we noted some growing pains in the area of procuring laboratory equipment and supplies. Although we have made some progress, problems still exist that we are working to remedy. Ontime delivery of ARVs has improved, particularly from regional distribution centers (RDCs). The Kenya and Ghana RDCs posted a 69 percent ontime delivery rate and the South Africa RDC posted a 61 percent ontime delivery rate. There is, of course, still some way to go before we meet our overall targets of over 80 percent ontime delivery of commodities. Our aim is to apply appropriate lessons from the delivery of ARVs to other commodities in order to raise our performance levels across the board.

This issue of Supply Lines highlights other good news from SCMS and our clients, from a groundbreaking shipment to Vietnam to an inspiring collaboration between Guyana and Rwanda. We are also pleased to report on important progress in our efforts to strengthen and establish secure, reliable, cost effective and sustainable supply chains to meet the care and treatment needs of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS...

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