SCMS Supply Lines - October 2009 (Supply Chain Management System's HIV/AIDS e-Newsletter)
(2009; 9 pages)


Those living with advanced HIV start ARV therapy, they must stay on treatment to maintain their health and avoid developing drug resistance. After such dramatic progress in scaleup, HIV/AIDS programs now face the challenge and responsibility of a long-term commitment to maintaining those four million people on treatment.

In this issue of Supply Lines we look at various ways that SCMS is working to help build sustainable solutions for public health supply chains in the countries where we work. To succeed for the long-term, strengthened supply chains will rely on having a skilled work force in each country where we work.

Rather than focus on our efforts to build infrastructure, we report in this issue on multiple ways that we are working to create a cadre of supply chain professionals who will forecast the need for commodities, purchase medicines and supplies, manage logistics and operate the warehouses and distribution systems for years to come...

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