SA Code of Practice for the Marketing of Health Products. South Africa, October 2010. (Included Guidelines to the South African Code of Practice for the Marketing of Health Products; Guidelines to Part D of SA Marketing Code; Sanctions Proposal 21st September 2010)
(2010; 75 pages)


The ethical promotion of health products is vital in helping to ensure that healthcare professionals and the public have access to the information they need, that patients have access to the health products they need and that health products are prescribed and used in a manner that provides the maximum healthcare benefit to patients. All marketers of health products should maintain high ethical standards when conducting promotional activities and must comply with applicable legal, regulatory and professional requirements. Compliance with the Code will ensure that ethical promotional practices are established for all marketers, prescribers, dispensers, advisers and users of health products. The overarching philosophy is a principle of compliance with the spirit of the Code. The “Code of Practice for the Marketing of Health products in South Africa” is referred to throughout as “the Code”. The National Department of Health, the pharmaceutical industry and other stakeholders are committed to the provision of affordable and quality healthcare for all South Africans. High quality, effective and accessible health products are a cornerstone of healthcare. Accurate information about health products is integral to providing quality healthcare services. This Code is issued in terms of section 18C of the Medicines and Related Substances Act No 101 of 1965, as amended,, and is adopted by health products trade associations to signify the industry‟s commitment to ensure that the marketing of health products to healthcare professionals and the public is carried out in a responsible, ethical and professional manner, based on practical and scientifically validated information...

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