Estudos de utilização de medicamentos em hospitais brasileiros: uma revisão bibliográfica (Drug Utilization Studies in Brazilian Hospital: A Review)
(2007; 6 páginas)


Drug Utilization Studies are important instruments to promotion of rational drug use and in the management of health systems. This study identifies and analyzes Drug Utilization Studies carried out in Brazilian hospitals, by means a literature review, using Pubmed, Scielo and Lilacs databases. From the selected articles, the majority was conducted in public hospitals with qualitative or quantitative methodologies,the latter being the most common. More frequent were consumption and prescription studies and the most used sources of information were prescriptions, patient and pharmacy registers, interviews with patients and health professionals. Results indicate the need for more complex studies, such as intervention, dispensing and adherence studies, problem treatments and problem-patient studies in order to produce tools in the clinical setting.

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