Méthodologie pour l’évaluation des négociations des prix des antirrétroviraux dans les pays d’Amérique Latine et Caraïbes
(2008; 47 pages) [English] [Spanish]


Information about prices is a key mechanism for optimizing the acquisition process, reduces information asymmetry between buyers and suppliers, and making the supply system more transparent. It has a direct impact on the financing, availability and supply of essential medicines. In this context, this manual’s objective is to circulate a self-applying methodology for evaluating the process of price negotiations of anti-retroviral medicines in countries in the sub-region of Latin American and the Caribbean. The present methodology was developed by NAF/Fiocruz, a Collaborating Center of the WHO and PAHO for Pharmaceutical Policies, in the framework of the Project of Anti-retrovirals Financing Strategies, whose institutional counterparts include UNAIDS, and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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