National Licensed Drugs List (NLDL) - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, December 2007. (Annex 1: Procedure for Application for Inclusion of Medicines on the Licensed Drugs List of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan)
(2007; 92 pages)


In 2003, the MOPH published a National Essential Drug List (EDL) and in 2005 a Licensed Drugs List (LDL) for Afghanistan. The LDL contains all medicines that can be imported and sold in Afghanistan, under their International Non-proprietary Name (INN). The LDL contains all the drugs listed in the EDL, and hence contains all the drugs recommended for use in the BPH, EPHS and the MoPH’s national programs. It also contains dispensary products and products used in dentistry. It is used as guideline by the authorities granting import licenses for drugs used in the public and private sector...

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