Strengthening of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Legislation in Suriname
(2010; 67 pages)


This consultancy “Strengthening of the Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance & Legislation for the Ministry of Health in Suriname”, aims to assess, evaluate the context and make feasible recommendations to strengthen quality assurance and medicines legislation in Suriname.

This report is the 5th and final technical report of the HERA consultancy that took place in 2008-2010.1 The report is split into two parts: Volume I is targeted at policy makers, and contains the overall analysis, a proposed Quality Assurance policy, an outline of a new Medicines Regulatory Authority (Geneesmiddelen Regulatie Authoriteit or GRA), an outline for a pharmaceutical unit in MOH to coordinate the implementation of the National Medicines Policy (NGB) programme, and the main conclusions and recommendations. Volume II contains all technical and professional documents that have been requested by the TORs.

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