Rules of Procedure for Publishing the Code of Reimbursement according to §351g ASVG (Austria, Social Security Act). VO-EKO.
(2004; 38 pages)


The objectives of these Rules of Procedure is to clearly and comprehensibly regulate the listing of drugs in the Code of Reimbursement in the context of the economic status of the Austrian Social Health Insurance System and the function of the Federation of the Austrian Social Insurance Institutions in equal interests of the patient, the social insurance system and the drug procedures and drug providing companies according to the current state of the science with inclusion of any experience that has arisen. The care of the patient especially shall be lastingly supported with high quality drugs, within the context of the regulations made by the legislators for medical treatment, maintaining the financial balance of the social insurance system and promoting competition among companies holding marketing rights, among other things, by promoting successive products with the same active ingredients...

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