National Medicinal Drug Policy for Sri Lanka, 2005
(2005; 6 pages)


Sri Lanka had a partly written Drug Policy from the 1960s. It was “written” as elements of a policy, beginning from selection of drugs for the government drug supply and the Ceylon Hospitals Formulary in early 1960s, the Bibile Wickremasinghe report in 1971, the Cosmetics Devices and Drugs Act (1980). However there was no comprehensive document.

There were attempts to develop a NMDP in 1991 & 1996; while the documents were accepted by the Ministry of Health, they did not reach the final step of cabinet approval. Hence no comprehensive document exists at present. The present effort building upon previous efforts brings together the elements of a National Medicinal Drug Policy (NMDP) in one document and has been developed based on WHO documents through discussion with all stakeholders. It is hoped that this effort will see a formal National Medicinal Drug Policy being adopted by the cabinet for the country...

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