Armenian Pharmaceutical Industry, 2008. Investment Handbook
(2008; 51 pages)


This Pharmaceuticals Investment Handbook has been prepared for foreign investors considering entry into the Armenian pharmaceuticals market and is designed to provide enough information to make a decision on whether investment is a potential option for you. It is intended to highlight industry potential and recent performance, backed up by quantitative and qualitative data. The handbook also suggests investment competitive advantages & opportunities and provides details of investment incentives.

Given the country’s prominent history in the fine chemicals industry, the success of existing pharmaceutical manufacturers and the high skill levels of the workforce, Armenia is worth your consideration for investment; particularly in the areas of equity investment and contract manufacturing for local distribution and export.

Armenia’s domestic market may be small but it neighbors the large and fastgrowing market of the CIS. Additionally, only 10% of the local market is currently served by domestic production. Opportunities also exist for manufacturing low-volume specialized drugs that larger producers find uneconomical to produce.

Whilst it is appreciated that investors will need to carefully consider a wide variety of factors, this guide should give the reader enough background information to assess investment potential, and enable them to move forward quickly with further research. Contact details of useful organizations are provided to assist with gathering further industry insights.

A general analysis of the economic environment and investment incentives is followed by a detailed review of pharmaceutical industry performance, the regulatory environment, recent investments and investment opportunities. The third part of the handbook focuses on general information on the business environment.

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