Is the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Drugs Relevant to Member States? National Essential Drugs Lists of Selected African Countries in Comparative Perspective
(2009; 153 pages)


The World Health Organization (WHO) published its first model essential drugs list (EDL) in 1977, which member states used to produce their national EDLs. Despite some progress in improving access to essential drugs, the availability of medications is still grossly insufficient in developing countries. This study revealed a significant relationship between immunization coverage for measles, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and infant mortality rate. Results failed to show a relationship between the adherence index to the WHO model list of immunologicals and immunization coverage. The study revealed that national EDLs do not include many drugs from the WHO model list. The general systems theory was used to organize this work. A secondary data was analyzed using Pearson’s correlation and coefficient of variation.

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