Ethiopian National Drug Formulary, First Edition, 2008
(2008; 543 pages)

The Formulary aims to provide standard information on drugs. And it targets all health professionals involved in patient care, training and research and others. Therefore the over all goal of the formularly is to help health professionals base their practice on solid information and knowledge to promote rational use of drugs. While developing the formulary the “World Health Organization (WHO) Model Drug Formulary” has been used as a guiding tool and the pharmacotherapeutic classification is based on the list of drugs for Ethiopia (LIDE) and its supplement list. To accommodate as much information as possible on each drug, formularies of other countries (eg.South Africa) and standard text books of pharmacy, pharmacology and therapeutics has also been used. The District Hospital formulary has also been extensively refered. The formulary contains detailed information on each pharmaco-therapeutic class of drugs and specific information for each drugs including indication, caution, drug interaction, contraindication, side effect, dose and administration and information on storage condition. The formulary also contains general notes on good prescribing and dispensing practices, and supplementary information as appendixes. The formulary is designed as a digest for rapid reference and it may not always include all the information necessary for prescribing and dispensing. And by no means it does substitute standard treatment guidelines. We hope, that this formulary will be of assistance in providing useful information to the health workers and in promoting the rational use of drugs and as result proviosn of quality health services. It is also hoped that the formulary will be of particular use to those health professionals working at the periphery who have no access to adequate and up to date information...
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