Uganda Clinical Guidelines 2003 − National Guidelines on Management of Common Conditions. First Edition, January 2003
(2003; 400 pages)


The UCG has evolved directly from the National Standard Treatment Guidelines 1993 which were the first such guidelines published in Uganda. Before then individual guidelines existed for the management of a limited number of specific conditions.

The UCG marks a major step forward by including for the first time information on diagnosis of the conditions covered. This information has been included in response to numerous comments and suggestions received from clinical staff in the field and its inclusion significantly extends and enhances the usefulness of the publication to clinicians in their day−to−day work.

The UCG is aimed mainly at levels HC1 to HC4 of the public health system but where appropriate may include limited information on management of certain conditions at higher levels. The content of the UCG has been completely updated and also expanded not only through the inclusion of numerous additional conditions but also in the level of information and detail provided for the management of each condition and in the provision of several useful introductory sections such as guidelines on prescribing and diagnosis.

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