National Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan for Uganda (NPSSP), 2002/3−2006/7
(2002; 134 pages)


The National Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan (NPSSP) is yet another landmark in the development of the Sector. After the successful development of the NDP in 2001, the TFDM has within a record time, succeeded in putting together this plan to operationalize the NDP. It should be noted that this plan is the first of its kind and is hinged upon the Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP). Although Uganda has had a National Drug Policy since 1993, it was not detailed or comprehensive nor did it have any strategies to guide implementation. The 1993 policy, therefore, did not have an elaborate national framework (save for the singular National Drug Authority) for implementation.

The development of this plan followed the same complex pathway as the NDP 2001 during which stakeholder participation and consensus building was paramount...

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