Antimalarial Prescribing and Dispensing Practices in Health Centres of Khartoum State, 2003–04 - Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal
(2009; 7 pages)


This indicator-based study assessed the antimalarial drug prescribing and dispensing practices of health care providers in health centres of Khartoum state, and compared these with national guidelines for malaria treatment. A total of 720 patients and their prescriptions in 24 health centres were included. Prescribers adhered to national treatment guidelines for only 278 (38.6%) of patients. Although all were treated for malaria, only 77.6% patients had fever or history of fever and only 64.6% had fever and positive blood films. More than 90% of prescriptions prescribed antimalarial drugs by generic names but dosage forms were correctly written in only 23.5%. There was a high rate of prescribing antimalarial injections. Only half the patients had adequate knowledge of their treatment.

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