Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Acupuncture
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Close this folderSection I: Basic training in acupuncture
View the document1. Purpose of the guidelines
Close this folder2. Use of acupuncture in national health systems
View the document2.1 Administrative and academic considerations
View the document2.2 Examinations and licensing
View the document2.3 Supervision, monitoring and evaluation
View the document2.4 Further education and career possibilities
View the document3. Levels of training
View the document4. Training programmes
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View the document6. Full training in acupuncture for qualified physicians
Open this folder and view contents7. Limited training in acupuncture for qualified physicians
View the document8. Limited training in acupuncture for primary health care personnel
View the document9. Selected acupuncture points for basic training
View the document10. Selected points for basic training in acupuncture
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View the documentAnnex I: List of participants

2.3 Supervision, monitoring and evaluation

The introduction of one or more new categories of personnel in the health system would probably make it necessary to provide for:

• a period of supervised practice after training;

• monitoring of performance of the trainees individually and as a group; and

• evaluation of the benefits (or otherwise) of including acupuncture in primary health care (and at other levels) where it was not previously available, and of its cost-effectiveness compared with other forms of treatment for common conditions.

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