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Comparative Analysis of National Drug Policies - Second Workshop Geneva, 10-13 June 1996 - EDM Research Series No. 025
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Annex 3: Agenda

Second workshop on the research on the comparative analysis of NDP

Action Programme on Essential Drugs
World Health Organization
Room M-505

Day 1, Monday, 10 June 1996

Session I: Introduction


Introductory remarks by Dr Fernando S. Antezana, ADG

Opening of the workshop by Dr Jonathan D. Quick, Director, DAP
Introduction of participants
Introduction to the workshop by Mrs Pascale Brudon, DAP

Session II: NDP Performance assessment (indicators)

Presentation by countries (15 minutes each)
Presentation by countries (15 minutes each)

Identification and discussion of key methodological problems

Day 2, Tuesday, 11 June 1996

Discussion and resolution of key methodological problems

Analysis and interpretation of the findings

Synthesis of Session II

Day 3, Wednesday, 12 June 1996

Session III: Political mapping

Presentation by countries

Discussion on similarities and differences

Plenary and synthesis of Day 3

Day 4, Thursday, 13 June 1996

Session IV:

Cross national comparison:

• relevance of the systematic cross national method which has been used in the research for assessing NDP;

• review of the hypothesis developed to explain how different strategies affect the outcomes of the policy;

• review of the explanations developed for cross national variations in NDP performance.

• formulation of national and international strategies and specific policy innovations to improve implementation of national drug policies.

Planning next steps

• time schedule for the preparation of the final reports, including methodological refinements;

• strategies for dissemination of the results, including national and international seminars and publications;

• collaboration with policy-makers and donor organizations;

• funding issues. etc.

Closing remarks


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