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Health Reform and Drug Financing. Selected Topics - Health Economics and Drugs Series, No. 006
(1998; 49 pages) [French] [Spanish]
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This paper builds on discussions on health reform and drugs which have occurred at the WHO Task Force on Health Economics, with the WHO Divisions of Analysis, Research and Assessment (ARA) and Strategic Support to Countries in Greatest Need (SSC), during regional meetings on health reform and on drug financing in the Americas and in South-East Asia, and at recent meetings on public-private roles in the pharmaceutical sector. Comments on earlier drafts from the following people are gratefully acknowledged: F.S. Antezana, P. Brudon, G.J.R. Carrin, B.X. Daly, E. Fefer, D.A. Fresle, V. Habiyambere, H.V. Hogerzeil, M. Jancloes, A. Kochi, T. Sodogandji, and X. Zhang. M.N. Clarke and M. Renevier are responsible for the layout and production of the document. Other individuals who provided useful comments on a later version of this document were: G. Holmes, J. Patton (Know How Fund, UK), H. Bak Pedersen (UNICEF), P. Rockhold (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark), J. Cohen, A.S. Preker (the World Bank), and the members of the 1997 Management Advisory Committee of the Action Programme on Essential Drugs.


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