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The Role of the Pharmacist in Self-Care and Self-Medication
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7. Conclusions

There was general recognition that self-care is undoubtedly the primary resource of any health care system. People already manage or treat a large proportion of their ailments without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. However, the pharmacist can play a key role in helping people to make informed choices about self-care, and in providing and interpreting the information available. This requires a greater focus on illness management and health maintenance, rather than on product selling. Indeed, self-care does not always require use of a medicine. If, however, there is a need for self-medication in self-care, then the role of the pharmacist must be extended. To address this issue, the group discussed communication, evaluation, quality, screening, training and supervision, collaboration and performance review. It felt that activities could be included under each heading which could contribute to such an extension of the pharmacist’s role. Specific recommendations are given in Section 8.


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