Producing National Drug and Therapeutic Information - The Malawi Approach to Developing Standard Treatment Guidelines
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Review of MSTG 2 and preparation of the next edition

This will be largely a continuous process. However, prescribers will be more actively encouraged to send in their comments on MSTG 2 and suggest necessary changes by regular reminders at any points of contact, such as during training workshops, field visits, and district health officer meetings. These will be reinforced by regular articles on the MSTG and other reference texts in the quarterly Malawi Drug Bulletin.

As before, all proposed amendments will be submitted to meetings of the National Drugs Committee for discussion and subsequent approval prior to incorporation. Once a sufficient proportion of the publication is regarded as out-of-date and no longer relevant to current therapeutic practices and certainly within the three year interval between editions agreed by the NDC, the text of a new edition will be prepared. This process will be greatly facilitated by the lessons learned and experience gained in the production of the previous two editions.

Editing of the existing text to incorporate future amendments will be a relatively straightforward process using a normal word-processor.


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