Producing National Drug and Therapeutic Information - The Malawi Approach to Developing Standard Treatment Guidelines
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Prescriber training workshops

These started at regional level, where the publications were introduced to a two to four person district prescriber training team consisting of the DHO and/or the senior Clinical Officer and the Matron and/or senior nurse. The Medical Officer in charge (or a representative) of each mission hospital in the region also attended. The team members were chosen on the basis of being in a position to supervise prescribers and follow up on training activities after the district level workshops.

At these regional workshops the teams were briefed on how to plan, budget for, and arrange district workshops in general and how to implement the first series of these which had the aim of introducing the MSTG and MPC to all prescribers in each district of the region. The regional workshops also produced 10 short questions and five longer questions (case studies) which were to be used in the district workshops (see Appendix 13).

District training started with pilot workshops in two districts in October 1993. Minor modifications to the workshop programme of activities were made as a result of these. More than 100 one-day district workshops were planned targeting 4,500-5,000 prescribers. So far over 60 workshops, at which a total of more than 3,000 prescribers were trained, have been conducted by the district training teams. Members of the prescriber training team attended at least one workshop in districts requiring additional technical assistance. Workshops are still continuing in the remaining (Southern) region at which a further 1,500-2,000 prescribers will be trained in the course of the next three months. For details of a typical district workshop programme of activities see Appendix 13.

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