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Guide to Good Prescribing - A Practical Manual
(1994; 115 pages) [Arabic] [Bengali; Bangla] [French] [Korean] [Romanian] [Russian] [Spanish] View the PDF document
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The support of the following persons in reviewing earlier drafts of this book is gratefully acknowledged: S.R. Ahmad (Pakistan), A. Alwan (WHO), F.S. Antezana (WHO), J.S. Bapna (India), W. Bender (Netherlands), L. Bero (USA), S. Berthoud (France), K. Besseghir (Iran), C. Boelen (WHO), P. Brudon-Jakobowicz (WHO), P. Bush (USA), M.R. Couper (WHO), M. Das (Malaysia), C.T. Dollery (United Kingdom), M.N.G. Dukes (Netherlands), J.F. Dunne (WHO), H. Fraser (Barbados), M. Gabir (Sudan), B.B. Gaitonde (India), W. Gardjito (Indonesia), M. Helling-Borda (WHO), A. Herxheimer (United Kingdom), J. Idänpään-Heikkilä (WHO), K.K. Kafle (Nepal), Q.L. Kintanar (Philippines), M.M. Kochen (Germany), A.V. Kondrachine (WHO), C. Kunin (USA), R. Laing (Zimbabwe), C.D.J. de Langen (Netherlands), V. Lepakhin (USSR), A. Mabadeje (Nigeria), V.S. Mathur (Bahrain), E. Nangawe (Tanzania), J. Orley (WHO), M. Orme (United Kingdom), A. Pio (WHO), J. Quick (USA), A. Saleh (WHO), B. Santoso (Indonesia), E. Sanz (Spain), F. Savage (WHO), A.J.J.A. Scherpbier (Netherlands), F. Siem Tjam (WHO), F. Sjöqvist (Sweden), A. Sitsen (Netherlands), A.J. Smith (Australia), J.L. Tulloch (WHO), K. Weerasuriya (Sri Lanka), I. Zebrowska-Lupina (Poland), Z. Ben Zvi (Israel).

The following persons gave invaluable assistance in field testing the draft, and their support is gratefully acknowledged: J.S. Bapna (India), L. Bero (USA), K.K. Kafle (Nepal), A. Mabadeje (Nigeria), B. Santoso (Indonesia), A.J. Smith (Australia).

Illustrations on p. 56, 72: B. Cornelius (with permission from Vademecum); p. 7: P. ten Have; annexes and cartoon on p. 22: T.P.G.M. de Vries. able of contents


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