Starting or Strengthening a Drug Bulletin - A Practical Manual
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Open this folder and view contents3. What are drug bulletins?
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Close this folder13. Partnership and collaboration
View the document13.1 The importance of supportive partners
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Close this folder13.3 Various forms of collaboration
View the document13.3.1 Twinning arrangements
View the document13.3.2 Sharing information and resources
View the document13.3.3 Using established bulletins’ expertise
View the document13.3.4 Training sessions and workshops
View the document13.3.5 Ongoing information exchange between bulletins
View the document13.3.6 Collaborative research among bulletins
View the document13.3.7 Information and support for funding applications
View the document13.4 Identifying partners and networks
View the document13.5 Clearly define conditions for partnership
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Open this folder and view contentsAppendix: Electronic sources of information

13.3.6 Collaborative research among bulletins

Bulletins can collaborate for research. Box 13.2 contains examples of such collaborative work.

Box 13.2 Results of collaborative research among drug bulletins

• “Judging the therapeutic value of drugs: a comparison between la revue Prescrire and Information fran Lakemedelsverket, the bulletin of the Swedish Medical Products Agency” International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 2004;16:83-90.

• “Prescribing information in 26 countries: a comparative study” Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2003; 59: 263-270. Collaborative study by WHO, Institut Català de Farmacologia, Istituto Mario Negri and ISDB.

• “An ISDB survey (23 bulletins) to assess the degree of transparency of drug regulatory agencies” International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 1996;9:151-155.

• “An international survey of quality control procedures in independent drug bulletins” Poster 1996.

• “How informed general practitioners manage mild hypertension: a survey of readers of drug bulletins in 7 countries” Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1996;49:445-450.

• ISDB survey on “Which books are essential for bulletins?” by 15 bulletins, five of them in developing countries ISDB Newsletter July 1995.

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