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Educational Initiatives for Medical and Pharmacy Students about Drug Promotion: An International Cross-Sectional Survey - EDM Research Series No. 036
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The World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Action International (HAI) wish to thank the European Commission (Directorate-General Development) and donors of HAI’s Global Programme of Work (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) for their support in funding this project.

WHO and HAI thank Barbara Mintzes (Canada), principal investigator and author of this report, for her invaluable expertise and guidance.

We are grateful to the following people who contributed their time and expertise in reviewing material and managing the project:

Project management: Margaret Ewen, HAI Europe and Richard Laing, Department of Medicines Policy and Standards, World Health Organization;

Project members: Bob Goodman (USA), Andy Gray (South Africa), Peter Mansfield (Australia), Nancy Olivieri (Canada), Sri Suryawati (Indonesia), José Terán (Ecuador) and Liliana Ziganshina (Russia);

Questionnaire distribution, data entry and survey support: Sonia Zweegers and Rose de Groot, HAI Europe;

Editorial and design support: Kath Hurst and Monique Renevier, Department of Medicines Policy and Standards, World Health Organization.

Lastly, but most especially, WHO and HAI thank everyone who responded to the questionnaires - over 700 deans of medical and pharmacy schools who provided the names of those teaching on drug promotion in their institutions, and in addition over 260 educators who provided the detailed information found in this report. Without their support we would have been unable to examine the extent to which medical and pharmacy students are being educated about drug promotion.

This survey report is the first outcome of the project. The second outcome will be a practical guide for medical and pharmacy students on understanding and responding to pharmaceutical promotion. The guide will be tested by students in 2006. WHO and HAI intend to publish and distribute the manual to all medical and pharmacy schools worldwide in mid-2007.


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