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Containing Antimicrobial Resistance - WHO Policy Perspectives on Medicines, No. 010, April 2005
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Table of Contents
View the documentThe problem of antimicrobial resistance
View the documentMeasuring the problem through surveillance
View the documentEpidemiological surveillance of antimicrobial resistance
View the documentSurveillance of antimicrobial use
View the documentCore national strategies to contain AMR
View the documentConclusion
View the documentKey Documents


A national programme is needed to undertake surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance and, based on this data, to develop, implement and evaluate strategies to contain AMR. Critical to success are:

1. an adequately funded, mandated, multidisciplinary, national task force to coordinate strategies to contain AMR;

2. a national reference microbiology laboratory to coordinate a network of reliable diagnostic microbiology laboratories;

3. government investment in the health system infrastructure to ensure the controlled availability of appropriate antimicrobials, and adequately trained personnel to prescribe and dispense them.


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