Management of Drugs at Health Centre Level - Training Manual
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4.10.3 Arrangement of drugs on shelves

The following guidelines are for arranging drugs.

• Shelves should be made of steel or treated wood.
• Shelves should be strong and robust.
• Drugs are arranged in alphabetical order of generic names.
• Each dosage form of drug is arranged in separate and distinct areas.
• Sufficient empty space should demarcate one drug or dosage form from another.

Most recently received drugs are placed behind old stock on the shelf except where new drugs have shorter expiration dates.

It is important to ensure the following rules in the dispensary and the store attached to the dispensary:

• Keep the environment clean.
• Always put lids properly on tins always and at the close of the day.
• Put drugs in a dry place protected from light and heat.
• Store liquids on a pallet on the floor or on the lowest shelf.

The store must be cleaned daily and mopped at least once a week.

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