WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence – WHO Technical Report Series, No. 915 – Thirty-third Report
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4. Pre-review of psychoactive substances

The review of psychoactive substances by WHO is carried out in two steps. The first step is referred to as pre-review; this is a preliminary review carried out by the Committee to determine whether or not a fully documented review (critical review) of the substance is required. The criterion for judgement of whether critical review is necessary is whether or not WHO has information that may justify the scheduling of the substance. In the case of psychotropic substances, this requires information on actual abuse of the drug causing significant public health and social problems in more than one country.

In addition to the Secretariat, any member of the Expert Committee or any representative of the other organizations invited to participate in the Expert Committee meeting can submit a proposal to pre-review a substance together with supporting information. At the present meeting, ketamine, zalepron and zopiclone were proposed by the Secretariat while butorphanol and khat were proposed by a Member of the Committee. The representative of the International Narcotics Control Board proposed oripavine.

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