Zithromax® Management for Trachoma Treatment Rapid Assessment Report: Ethiopia
(2013; 49 pages)

Daniel, Gabriel, and Noah Kafumbe. 2013. Rapid Assessment of Zithromax® Management for Trachoma Treatment in Ethiopia: Final Report, September 2013. Submitted to the International Trachoma Initiative by Center for Pharmaceutical Management Program. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


The objective of this assessment is to determine supply chain and logistics management capabilities of the FMOH, PFSA, RHBs, districts, and implementing partners of Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, and Tigrai regions to effectively manage the projected scale-up of the Zithromax® donation to Ethiopia over the coming years in support of eliminating blinding trachoma as a public health problem by 2020. The assessment covers capacity areas related to customs clearance at port-of-entry as well as in-country storage, transportation, inventory management and control, and reverse logistics practices at the central, regional, district, and community levels. This assessment also investigates any diversion of donated Zithromax® into the commercial sector. The final report includes deductions from the spot-checks for any diverted product, recommendations, and a plan of action for addressing these to strengthen in-country supply chain management capabilities in light of projected scale-up of the Zithromax® donation in Ethiopia over the coming years.

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