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Integrating Public Health Concerns into Patent Legislation in Developing Countries
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In August 1995, the South Centre became a permanent intergovernmental organization of developing countries. In pursuing its objectives of promoting South solidarity, South-South co-operation, and coordinated participation by developing countries in international forums, the South Centre has full intellectual independence. It prepares, publishes and distributes information, strategic analyses and recommendations on international economic, social and political matters of concern to the South.

The South Centre enjoys the support and co-operation of the governments of countries of the South and is in regular working contact with the Group of 77 and the Non-Aligned Movement. Its studies and position papers are prepared by drawing on the individual and institutional capacities of the South. Through working group sessions and wide consultations involving experts from different parts of the South, and sometimes from the North, common problems of the South are studied and experience and knowledge shared.

This South Perspectives series comprises authored policy papers and analyses on key issues facing developing countries in multilateral discussions and negotiations and on which they need to develop appropriate joint policy responses. It is hoped that the publications will also assist developing country governments in formulating the associated domestic policies which would further their development objectives.

Integrating Public Health Concerns into Patent Legislation in Developing Countries was first published in October 2000 by the South Centre, Chemin du Champ d’Anier 17, 1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland.

Reproduction of all or part of this publication for educational or other non-commercial purposes is authorized without prior written permission from the copyright holder provided the source is fully acknowledged and any alterations to its integrity are indicated. Reproduction of this publication for resale or other commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent of the copyright holder.

© South Centre 2000

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