Report of the Consultation on AIDS and Traditional Medicine: Prospects for Involving Traditional Health Practitioners (Francistown, Botswana, 23-27 July 1990)
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Table of Contents
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Open this folder and view contents3. RECOMMENDATIONS
Close this folderANNEXES
View the documentAnnex 1. List of participants
View the documentAnnex 2. Consultation agenda
View the documentAnnex 3. Welcoming remarks by Mr M. Tshipinare, Acting Minister of Health, Botswana
View the documentAnnex 4. Inaugural address by Dr G.L. Monekosso, Director, WHO Regional Office for Africa, Brazzaville
View the documentAnnex 5. Traditional medicine and AIDS: Prospects and perspectives by Dr Olayiwola Akerele, Programme Manager, Traditional Medicine, WHO Geneva
View the documentAnnex 6. A review of AIDS epidemiology worldwide by Dr Benjamin M. Nkowane, Medical Officer, Global Programme on AIDS, WHO, Geneva
Open this folder and view contentsAnnex 7. Country profiles

Annex 2. Consultation agenda

Sunday, 22 July

Arrival in Gaborone

Monday, 23 July

Transfer to Francistown


Opening ceremony


1. Nomination of officers and adoption of the Agenda


2. Brief review of the AIDS pandemic and the global strategies for prevention and control

Tuesday, 24 July

1. Role of traditional health practitioners in health care delivery: Country reports


2. Plenary: Ways and means to secure the interest and collaboration of traditional health practitioners, including difficulties to be overcome

Wednesday, 25 July

Group work

Group 1

1. Identification of relevant programme areas for involving traditional health practitioners in AIDS prevention and control, using country case-studies


2. Development of guidelines for involving traditional health practitioners in national AIDS programmes

Group 2

1. Identification of training materials for national AIDS programmes. Identification of target groups for training. Development of training methodology


2. Identification of research priorities

Group 3

1. Development of guidelines for the formulation of policies on training and research in traditional medicine and AIDS and ethical issues

Thursday, 26 July

Continuation of group work


Plenary - Presentation of results of group work followed by discussion


Plenary - Consideration of recommendations

Friday, 27 July

Plenary - Consideration of draft report


Plenary - Adoption of report
Closing ceremony

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