A Proposed Standard International Acupuncture Nomenclature: Report of a WHO Scientific Group
(1991; 36 pages)
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4.1 Dissemination of the proposed standard international acupuncture nomenclature

A standard nomenclature is useful only to the extent that it is used. Through its publications, WHO should make every effort to bring the proposed nomenclature to the attention of researchers, teachers and practitioners of acupuncture.

To gain worldwide acceptance, the nomenclature would have to be adopted at national and international acupuncture congresses, and for this purpose its endorsement by the WHO Executive Board and the World Health Assembly would be a great help. In addition, it would be advisable for WHO to distribute the nomenclature to all acupuncture societies and to the editors of appropriate reviews and journals, asking for their cooperation in persuading authors of articles and communications to use the proposed terms and codes. A similar approach should be made to the organizers of conferences.

A useful complement to the nomenclature in printed form would be an audio cassette giving the correct pronunciation of the Pinyin names. This could be prepared by the Chinese authorities and distributed by WHO.

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