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Basic Tests for Drugs - Pharmaceutical Substances, Medicinal Plant Materials and Dosage Forms
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Table of Contents
View the documentPreface
View the document1. Introduction
View the document2. Other collections of simple tests
View the document3. Test procedures for pharmaceutical substances
View the document4. Test procedures for medicinal plant materials
View the document5. Test procedures for pharmaceutical dosage forms
View the document6. Reagents
View the documentAcknowledgements
View the documentOther WHO publications on pharmaceuticals
View the documentBack cover

Back cover

This manual, which is complementary to WHO’S Basic tests for pharmaceutical substances (1986) and Basic tests for pharmaceutical dosage forms (1991), describes simple and readily applicable tests for verifying the identity of a number of pharmaceutical substances and dosage forms, and medicinal plant materials in common use. It also presents tests to indicate gross degradation of less stable substances. The methods described use a limited range of easily available reagents and equipment, and do not require a fully equipped laboratory. They need not be carried out by a qualified pharmacist, but should be performed by persons with some understanding of analytical chemistry.

Basic tests are not, in any circumstances, intended to replace the requirements of pharmacopoeial monographs, which give an assurance of quality, as opposed to merely confirming identity.

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