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Strategic Plan. 2008-2012
( 2008 )

[From the Foreword]. This document is necessarily complex, as it reflects the broad panorama of our work and lays out in detail how we plan to respond to each public health challenge that the Bureau can address. The document also reflects our efforts to make the Organization more effective and accountable in its operations by institutionalizing results-based management methodologies in the planning, implementation and evaluation processes. While this Plan will guide us for the next several years, the strategic dialogue should not stop here. It is increasingly evident that the issues of public health can only be addressed effectively through multisectoral approaches and with strategic partnerships. Therefore, I encourage and welcome an ongoing dialogue with PAHO’s many stakeholders—from Member State governments to international and national partners, and civil society—about how we can best serve the people of the Americas. The Strategic Plan 2008–2012 is a statement of our commitment to be accountable to our Governing Bodies and partners, and to work to improve the health of the people of the Americas.