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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
em_RC1_9_en.pdf.jpg1949World Health Organization-Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean: statement by the delegate of EgyptWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC1/9
RC_technical_papers_2012_INF_DOC_2_14592_FR.pdf.jpg2012Progress report on the Tobacco Free InitiativeWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC59/INF.DOC.2; Provisional agenda item 2 (b)
em_rc11_14_en.pdf.jpg1961Resolutions of regional interest adopted by the fourteenth World Health Assembly and by the Executive Board at its twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh and twenty-eightth sessions of the executive boardWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC11/14; Agenda item 10
em_rc36_15_fr.pdf.jpg1989Questions techniques: l'hepatite viraleWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/15; Agenda item 17 [a]
RC_technical_papers_2012_INF_DOC_9_14565.pdf.jpg2012Place and date of future sessions of the Regional CommitteeWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC59/INF.DOC.9; Provisional agenda item 11
em_rc36_tech_disc_1_fr.pdf.jpg1989Discussions techniques: modes de vie sainsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 18
RC_technical_papers_2012_INF_DOC_4_14563.pdf.jpg2012Progress report on the implementation of the regional health sector response strategy for HIV 2011-2015World Health OrganizationEM/RC59/INF.DOC.4; Provisional agenda item 2 (d)
em_rc36_wp_2_en.pdf.jpg1989Subjects of technical discussions and technical papersWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/WP 2; Agenda item 22 [a]
RC_technical_papers_2012_INF_DOC_3_14595_FR.pdf.jpg2012Progress report on the achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals and global health goals after 2015World Health OrganizationEM/RC59/INF.DOC.3; Provisional agenda item 2 (c)
em_rc36_4_en.pdf.jpg1989Resolutions and decisions of regional interest adopted by the forty-second World Health Assembly and by the Executive Board at its eighty-third and eighty-fourth sessionsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/4; Agenda item 6

Results 84121-84130 of 114733.