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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
em_rc36_r14_ar.pdf.jpg1989صحة الفمWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/R.14
em_rc37_4_en.pdf.jpg1990Resolutions and decisions of regional interest adopted by the forty-third World Health Assembly and by the Executive Board at its eighty-fifth and eighty-sixth sessionsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/4; Agenda item 6
em_rc36_r15_ar.pdf.jpg1989برنامج تنمية القيادات فى مجال الصحة الدوليةWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/R.15
em_rc36_r13_en.pdf.jpg1989WHO's public image and advocacy for health for allWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/R.13
em_rc37_14_en.pdf.jpg1990International conference on nutritionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/14; Agenda item 17 [a]
em_rc36_r16_en.pdf.jpg1989Place and date of the thirty-seventh session of the Regional CommitteeWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/R.16
em_rc37_18_en.pdf.jpg1990United Nation General Assembly resolution 44/211 on a comprehensive triennial policy review of operational activities for development of the United Nation systemWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/18; Agenda item 17 [a]
em_rc37_19_a_ar.pdf.jpg1990تقرير اللجنة الاقليمية لشرق المتوسط في دورتها السابعة والثلاثين، دمشق، سوريا، 8-12 اكتوبر 1990World Health OrganizationEM/RC37/19-A
em_rc11_tech_disc_5_en.pdf.jpg1961Technical discussions-poliomyelitis: Oral immunization against poliomyelitisWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC11/Tech.Disc./5; Agenda item 14
em_rc37_15_en.pdf.jpg1990Management advisory committee-MAC of the action programme on essential drugs: nomination of two member states from the Eastern Mediterranean RegionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/15; Agenda item 17 [b]

Results 84121-84130 of 141505.