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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
E72765.pdf.jpg2001European network of social insurance organizations for workplace health promotion : report on the first business meeting, Bonn, Germany 25-26 May 2000World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/01/5025463
ca5655.pdf.jpg2003甲委员会第一份报告世界卫生大会, 56A56/55
feb10914.pdf.jpg2002Alimentation, exercice physique et santéConseil exécutif, 109EB109/14
52310.pdf.jpg1994The WHO/UNDP Health Learning Materials (HLM Programme : a success story in international cooperationWorld Health Organization. Health Education and Health Promotion Unit; United Nations Development Programme-
E74547.pdf.jpg2001Guidelines for city twinning produced for the SAVE II cycling project : In Tandem (Promotion of Energy-Efficient Personal Transport in a Network of European Cities)World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/01/5026807(A)
E56785.pdf.jpg1997National/regional health promoting hospitals network coordinators : report on the third workshop, Vienna, Austria 16-17 April 1997World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/ICP/DLVR 03 01 04
E90777.pdf.jpg2007The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services : integrating health promotion into hospitals and health services :concept, framework and organizationWorld Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/08/5064214
E64328.pdf.jpg1999Mental health promotion in prisons : report on a WHO meeting, The Hague, Netherlands 18-21 November 1998World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/ICP/LVNG 02 08 01
E66338.pdf.jpg1999Handbook for process evaluation in noncommunicable disease preventionWorld Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/ICP/IVST 01 02 10

Results 1-10 of 586.