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Regional Committee for Europe: report on fourth session
Executive Board, 15 ( 1954 )
Comité Régional des Amériques: rapport sur la dixième session
Conseil exécutif, 23 ( 1959 )
WHO programme budget 2014–2015: orientations for implementation in the African Region and information on the financing dialogue
Regional Committee for Africa, 63 ( 2013 )

1. The WHO Programme Budget for the biennium 2014–2015 is the first in the twelfth General Programme of Work 2014–2019. It is also the first Programme Budget that is implementing the programmatic aspects of the WHO Reforms. 2. The document outlines priorities and budget distribution and presents guiding principles for implementing the Programme Budget 2014–2015 in the African Region. The budget has been distributed per category, programme area and level, i.e. in country offices and the Regional Office, with detailed description per country. 3. The World Health Assembly has adopted the overall WHO Programme Budget for the biennium 2014–2015 totalling US$ 3 977 000 000. The African Region has been allocated a 28% share or US$ 1 120 000 000 which represents a slight increase of 2.5% over the initial budget for the 2012–2013 biennium. 4. However, distribution of the Budget across priority programmes shows an imbalance due to a large concentration in emergencies and polio and under-budgeting in other key regional priorities and in programmes related to the Millennium Development Goals. Thus, Member States and the Secretariat need to intensify resource mobilization to better fund all priorities and compensate for limitations in the Budget. 5. The Regional Committee is requested to note and provide further guidance on implementation of the Programme Budget 2014–2015 adopted by the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly.

Regional Committee for Africa, 8 ( 1958 )
Comité régional de l'Afrique, 33 ( 1983 )
Evaluation of the Implementation of Resolution Wha51.31–Regular Budget Allocations to Regions: Report of the Regional Director
Regional Committee for Africa, 53 ( 2003 )

1. In 1998, the World Health Assembly adopted resolution 51.31 relating to Regular budget allocations to regions using a model which took into account certain country-specific criteria. 2. The implementation of this resolution was to be spread over three biennia, starting with biennium 2000–2001. 3. The resolution also recommended that the reduction for any region should not exceed 3% per year. 4. During implementation, the 3% reduction was only achieved during the first biennium. As a result of this resolution, the Regional Office for Africa benefited with a net increase of US$ 33 826 million, most of which was allocated to countries. 5. The resolution requested that the Director-General present a thorough evaluation of that model to the Fifty-seventh World Health Assembly. 6. In connection with this request, the HQ Secretariat has prepared the attached note for regional committees. 7. The Regional Committee is invited to review and comment on the document, “Regular Budget allocations to regions” as prepared by the HQ Secretariat. 8. Comments from the Regional Committee will be forwarded to the Director-General for incorporation in a final document to be presented to the Executive Board in January 2004.

Prévention des accidents de la circulation: rapport du Directeur général
Conseil exécutif, 43 ( 1969 )
Informes de los directores regionales sobre asuntos de los Comités Regionales que requieren particular atención del Consejo Ejecutivo: trigésima reunión del Comité Regional para las Américas/XX Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana
Consejo Ejecutivo, 63 ( 1978 )
First report of the Standing Committee on Administration and Finance (preliminary report as required in terms of resolution EB20.R21)
Executive Board, 21 ( 1958 )
Comité régional de l'Afrique: rapport sur la huitième session
Conseil exécutif, 23 ( 1958 )