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Towards the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV : report of a WHO technical consultation, 9-11 November 2010, Geneva, Switzerland
World Health Organization; UNICEF; UNAIDS; United Nations Population Fund ( 2011 )
Strategic framework for the prevention of HIV infections in infants in Europe
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; UNAIDS; UNICEF; United Nations Population Fund ( 2004 )

The European Region of WHO, and particularly the eastern part, is facing one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. The number of HIV-infected women is steadily increasing, as is the transmission of the infection to newborns. Nevertheless, the high level of coverage with antenatal care, the availability of an extensive health care infrastructure, high literacy levels, the relatively low number of infections, and effective interventions to reduce mother-to-child transmission offer an opportunity to eliminate HIV infection in infants from the Region, and thus provide a model for the rest of the world. The challenge is to prepare health systems affected by economies in transition - and particularly maternal and child health services - to deal, in an integrated manner, with transmission of HIV infection to infants. This goes beyond clinical care and needs to include a range of care and protection issues, both in health institutions and in the community. The Strategic Framework for the Prevention of HIV Infection in Infants in Europe was developed by the UNAIDS cosponsors under the leadership of WHO, based on the experience of countries in the Region. The Strategic Framework outlines strategies for implementation at country level to achieve the global goals and those for Europe and Central Asia set out in the Dublin Declaration

La riposte mondiale au VIH/sida : le point sur l'épidémie et sur les progrès du secteur de santé vers un accès universel: 2011 rapport de situation
World Health Organization; UNAIDS; UNICEF ( 2012 )
Vers un accès universel : étendre les interventions prioritaires liées au VIH/SIDA dans le secteur de la santé : rapport de situation 2009
World Health Organization; UNAIDS; UNICEF ( 2009 )
Declaraci'on consensual de la reuni'on consultiva OMS/UNICEF sobre transmisi'on del VIH y lactancia natural, Ginebra, 30 de abril-1 de mayo 1992
Reuni'on Consultiva OMS/UNICEF sobre Transmisi'on del VIH y Lactancia Natural (1992: Ginebra, Suiza); WHO Global Programme on AIDS; UNICEF ( 1992 )
HIV and infant feeding counselling tools [chart] : counselling cards
Thomas, Elizabeth; Piwoz, Ellen G; World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEF; United States. Agency for International Development ( 2005 )
Le conseil en VIH et en alimentation du nourrisson : cours de formation
World Health Organization; UNAIDS; UNICEF ( 2000 )
Actualización sobre VIH y alimentación infantil: basada en la Reunión Consultiva Técnica realizada en nombre del Equipo de Trabajo Interinstitucional (IATT) sobre la Prevención de las Transmisión del VIH en Embarazadas, Madres y Niños, Ginebra, 25-27 de octubre de 2006
World Health Organization; UNICEF; United Nations Population Fund; UNAIDS ( 2008 )
Pediatric advocacy toolkit : for improved pediatric HIV diagnosis, care and treatment in high HIV prevalence countries and regions
World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2011 )
Management of the child with a serious infection or severe malnutrition : guidelines for care at the first-referral level in developing countries
World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEF ( 2000 )